Green Coffee Beans​​

Disclaimer:  I am not a coffee roaster, nor am I a cupper/taster. I do not offer nor give advice on how to roast or what a coffee taste like.  Any of that info here is either from my importers or has been taken off the internet from someone else.
In my coffee business I try to offer a fairly wide variety of different beans.  There are some ‘good but everyday’ beans.  There are some ‘better’ beans that are worth more and probably make a better cup.  Then there are  (opinion) some ‘outstanding’ beans and the price is probably considerably higher.
You can buy any/all of these beans in any amount you want (one-pound increments).  It may be best to send a sample order to make sure everything is in stock and everything else is ok.  This will ensure an accurate shipment and avoid delay in shipping.