The "Buy Now" button is for a direct link to your Paypal account.  You cannot place an order here.  You can only PAY for your order here.  

You can email me separately with the order and then pay.  Please indicate the specific coffee beans, weights, the discounts, the shipping charge and the Paypal fees.

For any questions, please call or email:

Phone:  (209) 576-2429     Email:


Figure out what you want to order - the beans plus the shipping.  There are 2 ways you may pay for your order:

1.  You may SEND ME A CHECK for the total amount, or

2.  You may pay by Paypal.  There will be a 3.5% (4.8% for international buyers) fee for this option.  Please add that amount to your order.  For example, if the total amount for the beans plus shipping is $60.00, please add $2.10 (3.5% of $60.00).  Please send $62.10 through Paypal.

3.  You may also pay by Zelle, if offered by your bank.